miKAte Strikes Again!!!

What do you get when you combine MIKA + KATE?  Well, you get miKAte (pronounced as “mee keyt”)!  Wahahahaha, sabaw! =))

But seriously, ever since I discovered FACEinHOLE last year, I just couldn’t help wasting hours putting my face on different bodies when I’m bored!  Err…  that didn’t sound right, did it?  Hahaha!  Anyway, you know what I mean!  It’s for pure ENTERTAINMENT purposes only. 😉

And so, I present to you…

In cooperation with FACEinHOLE

Lady miKAte!

*all together now*

Pagpasensiyahan niyo na’po…  Isa yata ito sa mga naidudulot ng quarter-life crisis!  Mwahahahahaha!

In the meantime, also go crazy using FACEinHOLE by clicking here.

See you next time…

The Lady is now OUT! 😛


Girl Crushes

Sabi nga ni Jennifer Paige in the nineties, “it’s just a little crush!”  But c’mon, if you’re going to look and observe closely the women I’m about to talk about for the rest of this entry, you can’t blame me!  Besides, may taste yata ako noh!  Hahaha!  So lemme introduce to you the TWO WOMEN who have captured my heart!  Kung naging lalaki lang sana ako… 😉


Leighton Meester

See what I mean?  Of course I don’t just adore Leighton for her pretty face…

…and hot body!

She’s also an accomplished actress, singer (yes, she has her own album!), and of course, FASHIONISTA — which is a major factor for the hit show she stars in!  Plus, she’s also fluent in French!!!  We know we love her!  Period. ♥

And then, of course, my super-duper-mega-ultra girl crush…

Kate Middleton

Oh Kate Middleton…  The Duchess of Cambridge…  I don’t even know where to start!  I. just. simply. ADORE. AND. WORSHIP. yoouuu!  In fact, I don’t even care about Prince William anymore!  (Haha, peace!)  But seriously, is there an opening to be one of your ladies-in-waiting?  Sigh.

From the perfection of your EVERY projection…

…your oh-so-hot sporty bod,

…and of course, your ROYAL FASHION SENSE!

Oh diba?  Mag-dress man o pants ang reyna niyo, bonggang-bongga parin!  Having killer looks and towering at 5’10”, honestly, if she weren’t England’s future queen, I think she’d be a great Miss United Kingdom!  Yung tipong pang-major, major! 😛  But then again, why be a BEAUTY QUEEN when you can be a REAL-LIFE QUEEN?  Kaya Kate (yehesss, feeling close!), award talaga!!!

I told yaaa, may taste ako!  Konti na nga lang mapapaDavid Archuleta na’ko eh:

Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it really just another crush?

But no.  To keep things straight, well…  I’M STRAIGHT, okaaay?!  Wahahahaha!  I may call the aforementioned women as my “crushes,” but the truth is, they’re two very different people I really look up to!  I think most of us call that as ROLE MODELS?  Yeah, that’s exactly it!  I, thank you.  *bow*

The Lady’s ROLE MODELS ♥

Marked on the Calendar

Me, Myself, and “miKAte”

As a self-proclaimed fan of the British royal family, I just can’t help but have one more post before The Royal Wedding 😉

So, I’ll cut to the chase and introduce to you…

Princess Mikhaela Georgette of WHALES

Mika + Kate = miKAte (pronounced as “mee keyt”) 😉

Prince William of Wales and his bride-to-be-NOT! haha!

Thanks to “technology” (or FACEinHOLE), every girl in the world can finally make their dreams come true!!!  ANYWAY, back to reality.  Tomorrow, don’t forget to tune in to every form of media you can get your hands on to to finally witness THE WEDDING OF THE CENTURY!

Once again, BEST WISHES to:


See ya! 😀