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A Floating Bookstore, A Dose of Carbon Dioxide, And A Whole Lot of Fun!!!

Weird title?  Heehee.  But yeah.  Even though this is already considered a “late” post, let me tell you first about my Manila adventure with my two friends Mark and Maica, one fine (spontaneous) day…

(photo courtesy of my friend Mark)

Last week, we went to the heart of Manila with the hope of having a one-of-a-kind bookstore experience: the MV Logos Hope.  As self-proclaimed bookworms, the three of us traveled all the way from Makati just to have our hands on very rare, but cheap finds! 😀  But lo and behold, it seemed that we lacked in the “research” department because when we finally arrived at the gate, we were told that the ship’s closed on Mondays!  On MONDAYS!!!  And we went there on a Monday.  Fuuudge. 😐

Since we didn’t want to “waste” one whole trip (not to mention “excitement”), we decided to go to the Manila Ocean Park instead.

And that’s when ALL THE FUN started!!!


It was already my second time to go there and honestly, I didn’t even think that I’d be back when I went there the first time!  Oh well.  I guess this spontaneous “excursion” was another proof that it doesn’t matter WHERE you are…  what matters is WHO you’re with!  Ahem!

Plus, it was nice to see Maica HAPPY after finally seeing penguins in the flesh!  Trust me, you don’t know how much she loves ’em!!! 😉

Maica and her beloved penguins!!!

As for me, I kind of “penguined” out when it was my turn to feed them…  that’s why I could only get as close to a penguin like THIS:

penguin hugs, anyone? HA HA HA

Good thing there was also another attraction to SMILE about inside the Trails to Antarctica part of the Park: SNOW VILLAGE!!!

Traveling to Antarctica is a dream of mine too, ya know? 😛

Ready for some snow…


After that, we decided to try a five-minute 4D movie (thanks to my insistence!) located at the mall outside the Park.

But wait, there’s more…

Once at the lobby, I suddenly saw a familiar “sight” — Mr. Carlos Celdran of Walk This Way fame!

ME: Carlos Celdran!

CARLOS CELDRAN: Hi, how are you?

ME: *smiling like an idiot* =))

I swear, I’ve been planning to go to one of Mr. Celdran‘s Manila tours since time immemorial, that’s why seeing him in person even before availing of his tour spelled only one word: STARSTRUCK!  Hahaha!

I plan to FINALLY avail of his tour THIS YEAR and of course by that time, I promise to have my picture taken with him already.  Don’t worry…  knowing me, you’ll read all about THAT on THIS beloved blog of miiine!  *more hahahas*

Lastly (for that Monday), I realized that with happiness comes PANIC MODE!  On the way home while on the jeep, I witnessed my very first “snatch” encounter!  I don’t want to rehash the details anymore, but I was ThisClose to being the victim!  I’m just really relieved that it wasn’t me, but still sad for THAT lady… 😦  Overall, it was truly one OMG moment for me!

Nakakalokang OMG MOMENT talaga that it made me avoid public transportation for a week!!!  I’m starting to get back to my usual “commuting ways,” but Mayor Lim, do something about THIS for the sake of my fellow Manileños, Taft Avenue, and the City of Manila in general!  Please and thank you.

Moving on…

The following day (Tuesday), we finally stepped foot on the MV Logos Hope (we’re so full of HOPE, no?) with our other friends Angela and Jen. 😀 😀 😀

…some of the places the MV Logos Hope has been to. “Some” being the operative word!

Inside the MV Logos Hope were BOOKS (duh), a cafe, and hundreds of volunteers!  Actually, volunteering for the ship is NOW part of my bucket list!  So when it gets back to our shores, I’ll definitely apply!  Hehehe.

…couldn’t really decide what to buy, so may the heavens help our credit card! =))

a cafe inside a ship – reminds me of our cruise trip! Not bad. Not bad AT ALL. 🙂

And there you have it!  After all that’s been said and done, I realized that no amount of carbon dioxide (sad but true) can stop me from exploring the streets of my beloved Manila!

As posted inside the MV Logos Hope,

“Life is a journey. We’re all going somewhere, but where are we going?”

My answer?  Might as well go somewhere you’ll always keep coming back to (THAT song was right after all)…

…and for me, that’ll always be my hometown: MANILA. ♥

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The Swift Experience

Warning: this is an exclamation point-filled post ! ! ! 😀

February 19, 2011.  One EPIC night of a concert to remember!  Why? Well, si Taylor Swift lang naman ang pinanood ko! 😉

Taylor and one of her guitars

It all started last November ’10 while I was in Apulit Island Resort, Palawan when I called Ticketnet to reserve some tickets.  Because of my excitement, I called on the very first day tickets were sold to the public (there were two or three days of pre-selling for fan club members and whatnot) even though I was in the middle of the ocean quite literally — I was inside our water cottage!  Heehee.  Anyway, I was so ready to utter “Four Lower Box tickets, please!” to the operator but then that thought instantly faded when she told me that they’re ALL GONE!  — GONE!  AS IN GONE WITH THE WIND or GONEdammit! (Okay, that was corny.  Let’s move on.)  Sooo, I had no choice but settle for what’s next and just like that, four Upper Box A tickets were sold!  Booo ~

On second thought, last Saturday, those Upper Box A tickets redeemed themselves and showed me that we’re still lucky for scoring them! 😉  As for the concert itself, I have a lot of amazing, awesome, and other sublime words to describe it but mostly all I can say is “ANG GANDA!” for the past two days!

with my friend Ria (forgive my haggardness! haha!)

I went with my sister Patty and her husband (my brother-in-law) Mon and my friend Ria.  As mentioned, we were seated at Upper Box A and from our vantage point, we realized that the word “sold-out” is such an understatement (not to mention those who availed of SRO tickets!  Haha!)  Take a look below:

thousands of T. Swifter’s filled the Big Dome

To make the long story short, local celebrity Sam Concepcion started his front act performance on the dot and when he finished, it took about almost an hour before the star of the show showed herself.  You already know what happened next (Speak Now album, anyone?) 😉  Still, I have to say that even though  T. Swift’s concert lasted for only an hour and a half, it’s already the “Best Concert” in my list (next is David Cook’s back in May ’09).  She’s such a total performer and even the background effects were so charming!  Plus, nothing compares to the finale when she sang my favorite (hint: it’s related to the classic tragedy of William Shakespeare!  Haha! ;))

And that was of course my “cake!”  Just for sharing purposes, the “icing” on top of it was when we ate at Pizza Hut Bistro, Gateway around 11pm, went home, and on Sunday night, I realized that our digital camera was out of sight!  You guessed it right: I left it at Pizza Hut Bistro right after the concert and I can’t thank their staff enough for keeping it and my TS pictures safe and sound!  I already claimed it today (which meant going back all the waaay there, from Makati-EDSA-you get the picture!)  Whew.  So you see, such a  “Swift experience,” right?

C’mon, “It’s a Love Story baby just say YES!” ❤

that’s how Taylor Swift does it!