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Of Caffeine Fixes and *Fangirl-ing Moments*

Last Monday, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed…  well, the right kind of wrong — I think!  Why?  Because while I was on my way to get my caffeine fix for the day, I was suddenly interrupted by two angels straight from Brazil and Japan respectively!!!  Hahaha!

Okay, fine.  I’m talking about Brapanese actors-slash-models Akihiro Sato and Fabio Ide. *squeal*

AKO NA… ako na ang na-sandwich sa gitna ng dalawang Brazilian-Japanese models! Hahaha!

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t really get starstruck that much (except if you’re Kate Middleton!)  Simply put that way back in college, my school was a “breeding ground” for celebrities (teka, kasama ba’ko sa mga yunSYEMPRE HINDI!  Hahaha!)  Anyway, I’m already used to seeing them because they were everywhere: classrooms, the cafeteria, hallways, libraries, parking lots, even restrooms!  Besides, tao rin lang naman sila TULAD KO at TULAD MO!  So what’s the BIG DEAL, right?

Yeah, I thought so too.

On that fateful Monday, I realized that there is a “deal” in fangirl-ing.  It may not be “big,” but it’s still a DEAL nonetheless. 😉

The deal is that fangirl-ing is FUN.  Yes, I repeat: F-U-N.

FUNgirl-ing.  Pwedeee!

Why “fun”?  Simply because I was with my friends…  and when you’re with your friends, you know that ANYTHING can happen!  And when I say “anything,” kalokohan is included!  Kalokohan. that. spells. FUN! 🙂

Alam niyo na  yung mga pa-simpleng sulyap  tapos ‘pag ready ka nang magpa-picture, aatras bigla.  Pagka-atras, biglang tawanan!  At hindi lang basta-basta tawananMALAKAS NA MALAKAS NA TAWANAN!  Oh diba, other than LAUGHTER, what else can you use to measure FUN best?!  WAHAHAHAHA!

Pagbigyan niyo na kami  kasi naman, bibili ka nga lang sana ng kape, bigla nalang may sasalubong sa’yong Akihiro at Fabio!  At higit sa lahat, nalibre pa yung kape mo!  Whew.  Oh well papel.  That’s one of the perks of working in the country’s “business district” AND in one of the business district’s awesome-est buildings! CHOS 😛

But anyway, let’s go back to fangirl-ing. 😉  I swear if I hadn’t been with my friends, I WOULDN’T have given in to my inner fangirl-self…

…but I swear if I hadn’t given in to my inner fangirl-self, I would’ve REGRETTED it too — BIG TIME!  Miss the opportunity to pose beside two freakin’ hawt guyysss?  No way, man!  Kaya friendsss, THAAANKS!  Fangirl-ing wouldn’t be complete without you!

That’s right.  FUNgirl-ing won’t be the same without thy FRIENDS. 😀

After all, encounters like this can make you truly think that there are “MANY FISH” in the sea…

Akihiro OR Fabio? ♥♥♥

…so don’t go sulking over one “fish” — real or not!  Wahahahaha!

Lastly, being a fangirl isn’t limited to being a fan of “guys!”  It can just simply mean that you’re A FAN.  Period. 😛

Let me share with you my other “fangirl” moments:

with Robi Domingo

with Josef Elizalde

with celebrity sisters, Megan and Lauren Young

Just a friendly reminder though:

It’s okay to give in to your fangirl-selves every once in awhile…  but sooner or later, be sure to SNAP OUT OF IT!  Besides, just like anything else (yes, caffeine included), “too much” is bad.

Yes people, too much fangirl-ing is dangerous to your health!!!  So best to do it moderately. 😉

But you can make an EXCEPTION from time to time, too! Heehee.

And since we’re already on the topic of being a fangirl, I’m encouraging YOU all to grab a copy of the newest book of Candy Magazine‘s Assistant Lifestyle Editor, Marla Miniano:

with Ms. Marla

Fangirl is available wherever Candy Magazine is sold.

Fangirl is Ms. Marla‘s FIFTH NOVEL.  Amazing, isn’t she? 🙂  Anyway, I’m already done reading it and I give it a rating of: ♥♥♥♥♥

So grab a copy now and sympathize with Summer (the protagonist) as she experiences the wonderful world of FUNgirl-ing!

The end. 😉

Marked on the Calendar, Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

Gimme Some CANDY!!!

If there was one word to describe my previous weekend, it’d be “SWEET!”

Sweet stuff, anyone? 😀

Why?  Simply because I attended one of Summit Media‘s biggest events of the year: The Candy Fair 2011!  CANDY = SWEET!  Get it?  Hahaha! 😉

my childhood friend Meeko, her sister Mariella, and yours truly

Candy Magazine has been a part of my life since 2002, when I got my hands on my very first issue (it was the July 2002 issue)!  However, it started to become a BIG part of my life in 2008 when I was chosen to be one of the members of the Candy Council of Cool 9 (CoC 9), wherein I instantly became a CONTRIBUTING WRITER in my own right for my beloved teen magazine!  From then on, I never stopped and my life just got sweeter and sweeter… 😀

Anyway, the Candy Fair is held every year (around September or October) and this is my third time to attend it.  I started going in 2008, and the only time I missed it was in 2009 — during the Ondoy incident!  Obviously, I really had no choice. 😦  Thankfully, the Fair is an annual event and this year, I went with my childhood friend Meeko and her sister Mariella.

certified Candy Girls 😉

Who’s who? 😛

Aside from that, the Fair also serves as a “reunion” place for friends and of course, a place to make new friends!  And last weekend, I was able to do both:

with my fellow CoC 9 member, CJ Alayon 🙂

with CoC 10’s Jeselle Villegas 😉

with Jesselle’s friend and my NEW friend, Paty Tabas 😀

And of course, no Candy Fair will be complete without…


No stamp; no entry.

Candie’s temporary tats

Yay for MILK TEA! Yay for Bubble Tea!

Happy milk tea drinker!!! 😀

nail art

my Christmas-themed nails

definitely, THUMBS UP! 😉

Meeko won a prize! 😀

Thanks, SkinWhite! Heehee.


The winning photo!!! Ayiieee! ♥

They’re so lucky they still have all their TEEN YEARS to enjoy! Haha!

Speaking of Candy Cuties, I had my eye on a particular Cutie but I felt so OLD I passed on the opportunity to have my picture taken with him!  Sayaaang!  Ayan tuloy, sobrang nagsisisi ang lola niyo!  And when I say “lola“…  well, bahala na nga kayo!  Hahaha!  But fine, his name’s Francis Salvador — so Francis, if you happen to read this, this is me saying HI!!! 😀  (Hays, iba talaga umasa ang mga lola!  Wahahahaha!)


Dino Imperial and Myx VJ Janine Ramirez

The hosts

Elmo Magalona

James Reid

For more celebrities at the Candy Fair 2011, click here;
for Candy’s tribute to the late Candy Cutie AJ Perez, click here.

And oh, before I forget, my friend UNION JACK was also present at the Fair!  I saw several girls sporting their Union Jack-inspired bags, tops, and whatnot.  At syempre, isa na’ko sa mga ‘yon! REPRESENT!!!

hugging my friend (Union) Jack! 😉

I was so happy I was THIS|CLOSE to approaching every girl I saw — I wanted to ask where they bought their Union Jack-inspired whatever, and even take their pictures!  But of course, the Lady (ehem!) tried her best to still be ladylike.  So no, I didn’t do those.  What I did, however, was just smile…  and smile…  and smile…  and keep asking myself, “sa’n niya kaya nabili ‘yon?”  Hay.

To sum things up, I’ve been a Candy Girl for almost a decade now! 😀  And even though I’m not a teen anymore (alam naaa!), I know in my heart that I’ll always be one (or at least FEEL like one!  Heehee.) ♥

Simply put:

Once a Candy Girl, ALWAYS a Candy Girl!

Candy Girl Mika

See you at the next year’s fair, fellow Candy Girls!!! 😀