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Doesn’t Really Feel Like It :)

I know it’s still too early to tell where my “chosen” career will take me, but I’m glad to share with you that I don’t regret fighting for it and eventually experiencing it full-time. 😀

To tell you the truth, my aptitude test in high school actually “advised” me to take Communication Arts (or those related to it) in college.  But since I was still a clueless 15-year-old back then, I ignored the test result and decided to take a different “route,” listening to others’ opinions about where they saw my personality fit.  Hence, my never-ending “defense” during job interviews that ask me why I’m applying in print media (yes, the chosen career path) when my background deals with Foreign Service/International Relations and History.

But hey, that’s already water under the bridge.  And please, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that I regret taking up Consular and Diplomatic Affairs in college and History in graduate school.  NOT AT ALL.  If anything, I’m still thankful that I was given the chance to “pursue” those courses because I learned A LOT of other things, albeit very different, from them.  Besides, I met some of the best and interesting people during those years (hello, college and graduate school friends!!!).  But I guess when you’re really passionate about something, nothing can ever stop you — not even degrees and diplomas.

So in between finishing articles/blog entries/writeups, perfecting my copy-editing skills, commuting my way to events, interviewing celebrities, assisting in photo shoots, and most of all, meeting deadlines, I feel lucky that I still get to smile at the end of every work day.  Sure, it still gets stressful at times, especially when my multitasking skills are put to the test (meet deadline this, meet deadline that), but you know, no job is really easy — not even the ones you’re starting to fall in love with.  I didn’t say that my current work is easy peasy.  In fact, it’s actually a combination of stress and happiness.  Hahaha!  Why?  Because the good thing about it is there are different tasks at hand, so there’s really no room for boredom.  One day I’m working on an article, the next day I’m on my way to a hotel or mall to do something that’s still work-related.  Everyday’s a new day.  Calling it “the daily grind” isn’t really the right way to describe it. 😉

I’m not saying, though, that this is already the career I see myself doing for the rest of my life.  Like I said, it’s still a bit early to tell where this’ll take me. And the rest of my life?  Pressure much!!!  All I know is that if you’re reading this and you’re someone who’s still in high school and still have yet to decide on what you want to do in life, I say think about it really, really, really hard.  And when you’re ready to make a decision, make sure that that’s what you’re really passionate about.  “Passionate” in the sense that it’s something you’ll still enjoy doing even for free!  But if you think that you’re like me — someone who realized what she wanted to do “later” in her college life — well, being another cautionary tale isn’t as bad as you think. 😛

If I may say so, today’s world has been more “encouraging.”  As The Holstee Manifesto put it, “if you don’t like your job, quit.  Just make sure that you have a back-up plan.  I’m not encouraging you to be unemployed — trust me, it sucked, sucks, and will forever suck.  Anyway, we know of doctors being business practitioners, lawyers being novelists (chick lit at that!), even corporate executives being professional bloggers.  So there’s really NO EXCUSE to let go of what you want to be doing — as opposed to what you should be doing!  Take me as an example (but whether you see it as something good or bad is completely up to you!  Haha!).  I should be working for the government or an embassy, and yet I’ve always wanted to be in print media — so here I am, finally part of an editorial team.  Heehee.

Of course I’m still open to practicing my default fields, but for now I’m just enjoying my chosen field.  I may still have a looong waaay to gooo but at the end of the day, what’s important is I feel like I’m in the right place.  So when work doesn’t really feel like “work” anymore, alam naaa!  Try your very best to hold on to it and be better at it Every. Waking. Day.

Because when that happens, that’s when stress will be finally replaced by BLISS.  And for us who need to work to live, work to feel self-worth, or just WORK in the broadest sense of the word, shouldn’t that be more than enough? 🙂

“Live your dream and share your passion.” -The Holstee Manifesto

Movies, Reviews

Who Wouldn’t Want To Kiss Captain America and Thor?!

Iron Man, that is! 😛

That’s right, I’m talking about The Avengers.  (Spoiler alert for those who still haven’t watched the movie!)

Anyway, let’s get this done and over with!  Even before I watched the movie, I already prepared myself for some major EYE CANDY!  Pagsamahin mo ba naman ang dalawang CHRISEvans at Hemsworthsa isang pelikula!  Deymn!  Wala na yatang mas iinit pa sa napakainit na summer na ‘to!!! @_@

If only the “Avengers” were in a contest, I’d probably award them with these:

Best Biceps: THOR

Oh my guulaaay!  Ilang kilong gulay ba ang kinailangang kainin ni Chris Hemsworth para magka-braso ng ganun?!  I seriously couldn’t keep my eyes off of his arms whenever he had his close-ups!  Yes, Thor‘s biceps > Thor‘s blue eyes and blond hair!  Chris H., pa-huuug nga!!!

Best (Upper) Body: CAPTAIN AMERICA

Hay Chris Evans!  Oo na, ikaw na!  IKAW NA ANG MAS SEXY SA’KIN!  Kaasar, much!!! =))

Best Lines: IRON MAN

From being his usual “genius, playboy, billionaire” self, to his anti-kiss statement (more on that later), I think the outcome of the movie did quite very well thanks to Robert Downey, Jr.‘s witty lines!  Plus, I think he’s the “best” Avenger (and I’m NOT being biased here!  Haha!) 😀

Best Temper: THE HULK

Whaaat?  I know that’s sooo obvious…  but I just can’t CAN’T include him!  Besides, Mark Ruffalo‘s a-okay in his own way (well, just don’t compare him to Evans and Hemsworth and we’re good!)  AND I love the color green!  ‘Nuff said.

Hahaha, okay!  For all my men readers, I apologize.  The things you just read were meant for my fellow lady readers!  (Ain’t that right, girls?  I swear, you’ll totally get me once you watch the actual movie!) 😉

Moving on, I have to admit that I ain’t a genuine The Avengers fan.  So let’s not get into all those comic book stuff and Comic-Con conventions and whatnot!  My knowledge of The Avengers is only limited to its Hollywood version, so to all die-hard followers out there, chillax!  This post is purely for fun!  Or as they say in showbiz, purely for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES only!!!

But overall, I can say that the movie was good!  Maybe not THAT great (*cough*FIGHT SCENES*cough*), but it’s worth your money nonetheless.  I actually plan on watching it again with my girlfriend Val! 😉

excuse the low-quality mobile upload! =))

Ooh, before I forget, S.H.I.E.L.D’s very own Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and Black Widow weren’t bad at all!  So those are more “things” to look forward to! 🙂

Now going back to Iron Man‘s anti-kiss statement, THAT scene was actually one of my favorites!  Laugh out loud kung laugh out loud talaga!

“Please tell me nobody kissed me!”Iron Man to Captain America, The Hulk, and Thor (you have to watch the movie to relate!  Hahaha!)


Okay, maybe not The Hulk

But when we’re only talking about Chris AND Chris, to answer that question…  NOT ME!

Thor and Captain America ♥

Which “Chris” are you on? 😉

By all means, please replace “nobody” with “EVERYBODY!”  Diba?  Wahahahaha!

Lemme know what you think once you watch The Avengers.


The Avengers is now shown in Philippine cinemas.

Gathered Thoughts

This Thing People Younger Than Me Call An “Infection”

It all started with a link — a “tweeted” link, actually.  After that, I practically waited ONE week before I decided to post something about my entry’s focus for this day.  You know, just to make sure that what I feel is legit…  After all, “it” happened oh so fast — thanks to my friend Jeselle!!!


Oh yes, I needed ONE week to really convince myself that I’m indeed a fan of, none other than, One Direction (or 1D for short) 😀

But I have to be honest.  The first time I saw their music video on a local music channel, the first thing I thought of was:

“A boyband?  In the year 2012?!  Oh not again…”

And then I kept hearing their songs almost everywhere.  Nada.
And then I found out that they’re British.  Oh-kaaay…  but still not enough.
And then Jesselle finally sent me something on Twitter, telling me that the link she provided reminded her of me since I love everything British…

I watched it…  found them very charming…  and then realized that they were the same people on THAT music video I didn’t give much attention to the first time I saw it…

After pressing “replay” a few more times, watching related videos here and there, and basically spending more time on YouTube than expected (almost 6 hours!), I stumbled upon THAT music video again.  But unlike before, my eyes were finally glued to the screen, my ears were finally listening rather than hearing, and overall, I just saw “What Makes You Beautiful” in a whole new light:

That’s when it hit me.  I finally got the so-called “Direction Infection” — which usually affects younger people.  But hey, Jesselle and I can be the “exception” to this “infection!” =))

And of course, just like Ronan Keating (Boyzone) and Nicky Byrne (Westlife) from the nineties, I also have my eyes on a particular 1D member: HARRY STYLES. ♥

The other “Prince Harry” of England. Heehee. ♥

Watch the following video to know why Harr-eh‘s oh sooo “lovely” to me!  Gaaah~

Yes, One Direction was formed thanks to the seventh season of The X Factor (UK).
And yes, thanks to Simon Cowell.

To prove that I’m far from being “cured” of this “infection” (not that I want to be anytime soon!), I bought 1D‘s debut album in less than 24 hours of being “infected.”  Haha!

Of course, I bought the one with the “Harry” cover! ♥

I know, I know.  I’m already too old for this kind of stuff… but as One Direction “sang” it,

♪ “I don’t, I don’t, don’t know what it is, but I need that one thing…  And you’ve got that one thing.” ♫

Yes, I need THIS one thing…  whether you call it a crazy thing, fangirl-ing, and even an “infection,” only one thing‘s for sure: whatever THIS thing is, 1D‘s definitely the only ONE that’s got it!

And I don’t plan on doing anything about it, but simply ENJOY it while I’m still already not-so-young and not-so-beautiful.  Wahahahaha!  Heard enough of IT?  Okay, great! 😛