Marked on the Calendar, Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

“Wilt thou wed me?”

WEDDINGS.  They’re expensive, stressful, time-consuming…

This is actually my sister when she walked down the aisle... ♥

…but most importantly, they bring TWO PEOPLE together — two people who are so full of LOVE they actually give Romeo and Juliet a run for their money…  two people who are selfless enough to spend and share their lives with one another for as long as they live.

As Alice Cullen put it, “Weddings, they bring everyone together!”


But even before we get to the “formal” I DOs, one I DO must be uttered first — which brings us to THE PROPOSAL!

And as wrong timing as this post may seem (since it’s DECEMBER, not JUNE!), I’d like to share with you the video that started this whole “wedding” idea:

Aahhh, FLASH MOBS.  From the moment I’ve seen them in Friends with Benefits, I instantly fell in love with the entire concept!  And yes, hopeless romantic guys sure thought well for using a flash mob to execute one of the most nerve-wracking questions they’ll ever ask in their life:

“Wilt thou wed me?”
or if you prefer the modern translation,

Although it’s been said many times, many ways (oha!  I can still make this post sound Christmas-y!  Hahaha!), one thing remains: that when THAT one question is properly answered, it opens a whole new world to the people involved!  It’s not just the kilig factor anymore…  It’s more of the fact that two people will finally turn a new chapter in their lives, and embark on a journey…  a journey which most likely leads to HAPPILY EVER AFTER!  Enough. said. 😉

Just so you know, I recently got married, too…

If you don't DREAM BIG, what's the use in dreaming? Mwahahahahaha! ♥

…IN MY DREAMS, that is! 😛

with my cousin and fellow bridesmaid, Nadine ♥

Oh well.  Always a bridesmaid, but not really looking forward to being the bride (at least NOT YET!),

Mikhaela Georgette Chiong-Jobs =))

P.S: I’d like to share with you another video here.  Wala lang.  If you watch it, you’ll notice the location.  Sabi na dapat tumira na’ko sa CALIFORNIA ehlalo na sa Palo Alto!!!  Heehee.


Marked on the Calendar, Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

Mukhang MOA :))

I’ve been spending my past weekends at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA).  I even have a “secret” parking space at the parking lot already because that’s where I ALWAYS park whenever I’m at the aforementioned mall.  I swear, dun talaga ako lagi nagpapark!  Kung anong floor at saan dun…  SECRET!!!  Haha! 😛

Don’t get me wrong.  I love going to other malls, too.  During weekdays, you’d most likely spot me at Glorietta or Greenbelt — because my workplace is just minutes away from them!  During weekends, I usually go to MOA and/or Robinsons Place Manila!  Emphasis on the “and/or” because there are really days that I go to both malls in ONE DAY!  I call it my very own “mall-hopping!” =))

But anyway, I think November 26, 2011 tops my “weekend mall gimik” by far.  Why?  Simply because I spent both DAY and NIGHT at MOA!  Hence the title: ako na talaga ang MUKHANG MOA!  Wahahahaha!

SM Mall of Asia Logo.

Image via Wikipedia


I woke up extra early that day (3:50AM) to prepare for one of the things in my bucket list:

Yep!  One of the things I want to do before I die is RUN FOR A CAUSE!  And yes, I was finally able to do that by participating in the HSBC Anniversary Fun Run, which raised funds for the Sa Aklat Sisikat Foundation (SAS), “a not-for-profit, professional Philippine organization that promotes the love and habit of reading in Filipino children in line with its vision to build a nation of readers. 🙂

It was my very first run, and I’m happy to say that I survived!  Of course I couldn’t have done it without my friends Danica and Tinah:

5K all the way!!!

with Tinah ♥

with Danica ♥

By the way, the (raffle) grand prize was:

Better luck next time! 😉

Of course I did NOT win! 😦  Oh well papel.  At least Danica and I had our consolation prize:

with HSBC Philippines' CEO and President

CHOS!!!  Hahaha!  And that’s it!  But just because I’ve crossed “run for a cause” off my bucket list, doesn’t mean I won’t do it again!  Of course this was just the first of (my) many runs!  Mooore runs to cooome! 😀


After the run, I went home to catch some ZZZsss.  But when the sun finally set, I went back to catch my friend Marta‘s birthday dinner at Yakimix! 😉

with Marta, the birthday girl ♥

Aside from celebrating a birthday, one of the things I loved about this night was our “instant” college reunion!  Gaawwwd, I simply love these people!  It’s just like college ALL. OVER. AGAIN!!!


Sooo…  Thanks a lot Henry Sy!  Thanks for making one awesome place where people can spend good times with great people — MOA!!!

Bonus: Did you know that Henry Sy‘s net worth is around $7 billion AND Steve Jobs‘ net worth is around $8 billion*?

Wala lang.  Ang taray lang ng SM!  Lumelevel sa Apple!  Chos! =))

*The aforementioned people’s “net worth” is different from that of their companies’.

Gathered Thoughts

Define PRINCE.

According to my very helpful friend Mr. Longman, a PRINCE is…

1 – the son of a king, queen, or prince [↪ princess]
2 – a male ruler of a small country or state
3 – the prince of something/a prince among something (the man who is best at something)
4 – a man I would like to spend my whole life with (naku po, simula na ng ka-kesohan!!!)
Here are my top choices:

Prince William
The Duke of Cambridge

Well obviously, he’s already taken!  Heck, I even care more for his wife now!  Hahaha!  But I just have to give credit to the man…  the person…  the prince…  who started it all — at least for ME! 😉  Thanks a lot, Wills!  Dahil sa’yo, sobrang taas tuloy ng standards ko!  At dahil sa sobrang taas, wala pang pumapasa!  FAIL!

Pierre Boulanger
The Prince of Monte Carlo — the movie! 😛 

No, he’s not a real-life prince.  He didn’t even play the role of a “prince” in the movie Monte Carlo.  But mind you, he’s one heck of a talented actor!  Yung tipong may awards!  And did I mention that he’s French?!  Oh I don’t know…  he has this certain charm that I can’t quite…  Ah basta, yun na yun!  If my entire rambling isn’t enough, I think the picture can explain it all!

Hmm…  feeling ko lang TOWER siya…  kasi EIFFEL in love with him eh!  WAHAHAHAHA!  (Talk about corny-ness to the nth level!!!  Please bear with me, my dear readers!) 😉

Reed Jobs
The Prince of APPLE

You guessed it right — he’s none other than the son of the late Steve Jobs.  And I guess it’s safe to say: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON! ♥

Condolence…  If only I could hug you and be with you in these trying times…  Seriously. 😥

The Commoner Prince

I’m sorry if I can’t name him, but only A FEW of my close friends know who this is…

Yes, he’s a real person!  In fact, he’s a friend.  It’s actually funny because it’s like I’ve known him for years, but it’s only NOW that I noticed him!  (*gulp*  heto naaa!)  I guess what I CAN just tell you is that he’s a “prince” in his own right.  Sa totoo lang, SIYA PALANG ANG PUMAPASA (in real life)!  He’s ALMOST perfect!  But then again, perfection is too overrated.  And honestly, I don’t think I can star in the movie No Other Man — and no, that’s NOT a typo!  Ouch!  Bakit?  Bakit kasi siya paaa?! 😦

Anyway, if you noticed one thing my “princes” have in common, it’s that they’re all WAAAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE!  Hahaha!  Oh well papel.  I guess I just have to find out if there’s going to be AN EXCEPTION…  and when I say “exception,” I was MOSTLY referring to me!  Otherwise, hello singlehood for life!!!

I don’t care if people call me “emotionally damaged” just like Jamie in Friends with Benefits (I love Mila Kunis, by the way!) because I want a “prince charming.”  But one thing’s for sure: I will never ever settle for anything less OR second best!  I’m sorry, but that’s just me!  And besides, I think I can live with being “a lady” (as opposed to being promoted to “princess” or “duchess”) for life!

Oooh!  Having said that, why look for a PRINCE when you can have a DUKE?  Haha!  ‘Nuff said. 😀


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