Down Memory Lane, Gathered Thoughts

Let’s Talk Boy Bands (with “Those Accents!” :P)

Even before K-pop (say what?) dominated the airwaves, admit it — in the nineties, BOY BANDS RULED!!!  And when I say “boy bands,” I meant those groups that are composed of two to five members and sang songs in English — WITH irresistible accents!  But seriously though, what is it with Australian, British, and Irish accents that melts girls’ hearts all over the globe? (Well, don’t ask me!  I’ve been asking myself the same question!  Haha!)  And as random as this post may seem, I, too, am surprised that for the past few weeks, my playlist has gone “boy band!”  I know — sooo old school, but sooo timely too! 😛  Thus, I want to share with you this (musical) trip down memory lane…  here are some of my favorites:


No Matter What – did you know that No Matter What was actually written by THE ANDREW LLOYD WEBER (and Jim Steinman)?  Cool, huh?! 😉

Picture of You – two words: Mr. Bean!  HA HA HA

And of course, who could ever forget Ronan Keating‘s “solo” take?  Notting Hill FTW!  Ronan FTW!

Savage Garden‘s

I Knew I Loved You and Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Darren Hayes = sayang! </3  Love him still, though!  (Well, at least his music! :))


Bop Bop Baby and I Lay My Love on You.

Let’s just say that next to Prince William, Nicky Byrne was also one of my “childhood princes!”  Waaah, it’s sooo jologs to hear me say that now but c’mon, it doesn’t hurt to be honest, right?  Heehee.


So to all my fellow fan girls (and boys) out there, keep calm and relish your ’90s music memories!  Aahhh, good times!  (And oh, thank YouTube! ;))

Indeed. 😀

P.S: Westlife will have a concert in Manila on September 29, 2011!!!  I want to watch!!!  Gaaah~