Marked on the Calendar, Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

“Wilt thou wed me?”

WEDDINGS.  They’re expensive, stressful, time-consuming…

This is actually my sister when she walked down the aisle... ♥

…but most importantly, they bring TWO PEOPLE together — two people who are so full of LOVE they actually give Romeo and Juliet a run for their money…  two people who are selfless enough to spend and share their lives with one another for as long as they live.

As Alice Cullen put it, “Weddings, they bring everyone together!”


But even before we get to the “formal” I DOs, one I DO must be uttered first — which brings us to THE PROPOSAL!

And as wrong timing as this post may seem (since it’s DECEMBER, not JUNE!), I’d like to share with you the video that started this whole “wedding” idea:

Aahhh, FLASH MOBS.  From the moment I’ve seen them in Friends with Benefits, I instantly fell in love with the entire concept!  And yes, hopeless romantic guys sure thought well for using a flash mob to execute one of the most nerve-wracking questions they’ll ever ask in their life:

“Wilt thou wed me?”
or if you prefer the modern translation,

Although it’s been said many times, many ways (oha!  I can still make this post sound Christmas-y!  Hahaha!), one thing remains: that when THAT one question is properly answered, it opens a whole new world to the people involved!  It’s not just the kilig factor anymore…  It’s more of the fact that two people will finally turn a new chapter in their lives, and embark on a journey…  a journey which most likely leads to HAPPILY EVER AFTER!  Enough. said. 😉

Just so you know, I recently got married, too…

If you don't DREAM BIG, what's the use in dreaming? Mwahahahahaha! ♥

…IN MY DREAMS, that is! 😛

with my cousin and fellow bridesmaid, Nadine ♥

Oh well.  Always a bridesmaid, but not really looking forward to being the bride (at least NOT YET!),

Mikhaela Georgette Chiong-Jobs =))

P.S: I’d like to share with you another video here.  Wala lang.  If you watch it, you’ll notice the location.  Sabi na dapat tumira na’ko sa CALIFORNIA ehlalo na sa Palo Alto!!!  Heehee.


Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

Meet Kevin.

Kevin is my 15-year-old cousin from Sacramento, California. 🙂  He can actually play the drums, guitar, ukulele, and of course, piano!

Kevin and I when we were still kids (circa 1999)

The other day, I asked him to play a piano cover of my “LSS” (Last Song Syndrome) for the past few days — “Without You” by David Guetta featuring Usher, and I think he nailed it:

As you can see, ni hindi nga siya gumagamit ng piyesa (sheet music)!  I say that’s pure talent! 😀

And here’s another favorite of mine:

Find Kevin on Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway, he actually has a YouTube account and I highly encourage you to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE.  He has more covers showcasing his musical talent there, and you can check them out here.

Who knows?  With talent like that, I believe Kevin has the potential to be the next (social media) “sensation!”  And when that happens, well…  don’t say I didn’t “warn” ya! 😉