Other Writing Samples (PRESS)

Where it all started: The “Sweet” Life

My venture into freelance writing started with the best-est and “sweetest” friend every Filipina teen can ever have: Candy Magazine!

I started reading Candy Magazine back in July 2002, and I guess just like every girl my age back then, I always dreamt of appearing in its pages!  And in 2008, that dream came true when I became a Candy Council of Cool 9 (CoC 9) member, wherein I got to contribute articles and blog entries, as well as appear in the magazine itself from time to time!

I will always be forever grateful to Candy because believe it or not, it has opened A LOT of doors for me!  It even introduced me to some of the greatest people (the Candy editors and my Council-mates) I will ever meet in this lifetime!  *hugs*

THAAANKS, Candy!!! ♥

Mikhaela Georgette or Mika was, is, and will always be a Candy Girl 😀

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