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How to Apply for a (Tourist) Visa for Ireland… if you’re in Manila!

How to Apply for an Ireland Visa in Manila

It has been a little more than a quarter since I arrived from my UK-Ireland trip, and I still have to write a lot about it! Including applying for a visa for Ireland — so here it is!!! Haha 😛

Most people think that when it comes to traveling to Europe, acquiring a Schengen visa is the be-all and end-all of it. That may be true for some. BUT for someone like me who has been an Anglophile since I was seven, the Schengen visa wasn’t the answer to my dream Euro trip simply because the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK for short) and the Republic of Ireland (Ireland) are NOT covered by the said visa. So yes, my friends, my dream Euro trip involved applying (and paying) for two separate visas: one for the UK (which I already wrote about here) and one for Ireland. Yes, ganun ko ginustong pumunta sa Inglatera!!! 🙂

Before you ask me why there are separate visas for the UK and Ireland (even if geographically, they’re like one country!), let me already tell you that it all dates back to their history. Now, I’m not going to tell you a history lesson here, so let’s just accept and respect the fact that they’re two separate countries. In short, if you want to go to Belfast (where the infamous Titanic was built), you will need a UK visa; if you want to go to Dublin (the capital of Ireland, and where my favorite boyband of all time — Westlife — was from), you will need an Ireland visa.

If that’s already clear, I can tell you that applying for an Ireland visa is somewhat similar to the process of applying for a UK visa (only with slight differences). In fact, having a UK visa prior to applying for an Ireland visa actually has its advantages! So what are the steps you need to do in order to be able to see the Cliffs of Moher or maybe even bump into one of the members of Westlife?!

FIRST, complete your documents (original and three photocopies of each — yes, this includes photocopying your passport pages three times!!!). I’ll divide this into two categories: the required and the others.

The required documents are only three actually:

  • application form (more on this later)
  • valid passport (for at least 6 months from date of travel to Ireland)
  • 2 photos (45mm high by 35mm wide or passport size, with white background)

The others, or what you call your supporting documents. ALL DOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE THREE PHOTOCOPIES. As mentioned in my UK visa blog post, these documents will help you “convince” a consular officer that you have strong ties to the Philippines  (a.k.a. hindi ka magtatago sa Ireland dahil may babalikan ka sa Pilipinas!) and that you have enough funds for your trip. Since the Irish Consulate in Manila is document-dependent when it comes to their visa applications (unlike other embassies that require personal appearance/interview), I believe it’s crucial that you really don’t lack any of the following:

  • cover letter explaining your intent to travel to Ireland and itinerary
  • proof of previous travel (i.e., passport stamps)
  • bank certificate/statements or payslips (for the last 6 months)
  • certificate of employment (or proof of business/self-employment, whichever applies to you)
  • booking details/itinerary (it’s not really advisable to book your airfare/accommodation without having a visa first, so make sure that your bookings are not yet final to the point that you can’t refund them anymore)
  • others (any other document that you think might be helpful to your visa application)

More information about their accepted supporting documents can be found HERE.

SECOND, accomplish the application form. The Irish Consulate in Manila doesn’t really have an official website, so all Google searches will always redirect you to Ireland’s government site, Just click “Continue” and follow the instructions. Make sure to remember your application number because you will need it later on.

An important note to remember is when it comes to the Ireland visa, you have the option to choose if you want single entry or multiple entry. Of course, choosing the latter makes the visa fee more expensive. (I just chose the single entry because our itinerary involved going back to London after our Dublin trip. And besides, it was my sister’s decision to visit Ireland anyway, so why spend more?! Haha!)

THIRD, pay for the non-refundable visa fee. As of this writing, the single-entry visa is Php3,600 (but if you have a valid UK visa, it’s around Php4,600); the multiple-entry visa is Php6,000. If my memory serves me right, you can do this on cash basis at the Consulate itself. Which brings us to the next step…

FOURTH, book an appointment (by calling the Irish Consulate in Manila at +63 2 896-4668). Once your documents are ready, you need to set an appointment at the Irish Consulate in Manila for them to schedule you when you can submit your documents and pay for the visa. Upon calling them, you need to give your application number (the one generated in your application form) for easier reference. If you don’t want to go there directly, you may also send your documents via courier. Still, it’s better to call or e-mail them to ask about their preferred couriers.

The e-mail address of the Irish Consulate in Manila is, and their address is:

Consulate General of Ireland
3/F Max’s Bldg. 70 Jupiter St.
Bel-Air 1, Makati City
1209 Philippines

I suggest you call the Consulate a week before your preferred date. Also, make sure to submit your documents 8 weeks or earlier prior to your planned travel date because that’s how long it takes to process the Ireland visa. If you have a valid UK visa, it takes only 6 weeks — which is probably why the visa fee is more expensive if you already have a UK visa (consider it an expedited process). The reason why it takes long is because in general, consulates are only for citizens; embassies process visas. Since there’s no Irish Embassy in Manila, the Irish Consulate in Manila still needs to submit visa applications to the nearest Irish Embassy — which is in Singapore.

The step-by-step visa application process for Filipinos by the Embassy of Ireland in Singapore can be found HERE.

FIFTH, wait for your visa to be processed. Once you submitted everything, the waiting game starts. After 6 or 8 weeks, you need to call the Irish Consulate in Manila again to ask for your visa status. This is required because no status will be given if you don’t call. If they give you good news (meaning, your visa has been approved) and go signal, you can go back to the Consulate for visa stamping. If the Consulate gives you a go signal on your agreed date and time, the visa stamping can be done within the day — as in submit your passport in the morning, and get it back in the afternoon of the same day with your visa already! YAY!!!

SIXTH AND LAST (but definitely not the least), ENJOY YOUR IRELAND TRIP! And speaking of which, I still have to blog about my own trip!!! Wait for it and read it, please! Haha! 😉

Have you tried applying for an Ireland visa in Manila or elsewhere? How was it?
Let me know what you think! 🙂


120 thoughts on “How to Apply for a (Tourist) Visa for Ireland… if you’re in Manila!

      • Hyunjin says:

        Hi ate mika
        How much it would po for general students visa po sa Irish consulate
        Kase sa tourist €60
        So expected na mas malaki ang student Visa application fee
        Ska ano Pong mga documents need to present
        The usual po ba or May iba pa bang silang kailangan?
        go raibh míle maith agat

        • Hi, sorry but I haven’t tried applying for a student visa. But yes, it’s probably more expensive. I suggest you contact the Consulate directly. Good luck!

      • hello, I was advised that a short stay visitor visa takes 2-3 months despite having a valid UK visa. They said they require a valid UK and Schengen visas to avail the 4-6weeks processing time. Is this the new rule? thanks in advance for your feedback. Lea

  1. Hi.I got my visa approved. Do you think it’s better to apply in Ireland for UK visa? I will be staying in Ireland for one month. And I wanted to go to the nearby states also like in U.K. and France.. it costs only 20$ for each trip by RyanAir.

    • Hi, personally, I prefer applying for ANY visa in my home country where I can best demonstrate my ties. But that’s just me. You still get to decide your own visa/travel plans. Good luck!

  2. Did you have a sponsor in Ireland ? What was your or their salary and bank account approx ! . Salaries are low in the Phil .I saw 2 refusals before that said the applicants job was not acceptable at 8000 pesos a month .They even implied that the job was a fake humiliating .

    • Hi, I didn’t have a sponsor in Ireland. My trip to Ireland was part of our family vacation. We just took a side trip there, but we came from London prior to that.

  3. Ken says:

    Hello Mika!
    Will they require you to show/submit your original valid passport? Or the photocopy would be enough when you submit all pertinent documents? I’m in the process of applying a UK Tourist Visa, and I only have about 9 weeks before our travel date. I’m worried I won’t have that 6-8week window for the Ireland Tourist Visa approval (assuming my UK Visa will be approved soon).
    Thank you.

    • Hi Ken, based on what I remember, the Consulate didn’t get my passport. It was only after six weeks when they asked me to give them my passport for visa stamping. I gave them my passport in the morning, then got my passport (with the visa!) back within the same day.

      • Ken says:

        Thank you very much, Mika! Another question, would you know if they have a “fast lane” service, i.e., instead of waiting for 6-8 weeks, you’ll be able to get result of the visa application in, say, 4 weeks, or even earlier…? I have not read anything about this, or I may have missed it in their website. Thank you very much!

    • Maria says:

      Hi Ken! I am about to apply for a UK Visa this week before an Irish Visa. Did you apply for an Irish Visa while waiting for your UK visa? What can you suggest? Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Mika! Do you happen to know how long it will take for them to process Long stay Visa? We (I, my husband & 2 kids) applied for long stay visa based on my husband’s Critical Skills Work Permit visa. My husband’s employer in Ireland had their agency submitted our application online. We already have our application numbers & were just waiting for other documents to come so we can proceed on the next step which is to submit it to the Makati office. I keep on searching regarding this matter but still confused becuase different site gives different answer.. Hope to hear from you.Thank you 😊

  5. Jell says:

    Hi, just trying to get suggestions. Where did you get your travel insurance for this trip? There’s one I usually get from (online), but it seems they only cater to the Schengen States. If I pick another country it gets a little confusing when I fill their form. TIA!

  6. Glenda Raule Oropesa says:

    I had been issued an Irish visa and thus travelled across Ireland last year. I am on a visit visa in Dubai at the moment and plan to go back to Ireland end of this month but can’t apply visa here as it requires residency. I have ready requirements at hand, can I apply in manila?
    Salamat po

  7. wow.. this blog is very informative. ask ko lang po sana kung magkano po lahat ng nagastos nyo from processing fees up to the show money or pocket money?thanks po.. 🙂

    • Hi, for the visa fee, I included it in this blog post. But to be more updated, kindly contact the Consulate directly. Also, I didn’t have “show money.” I simply presented a bank certificate with my savings and other proof of income/investments – but that, I can’t disclose because that’s personal.

  8. wow..this blog is very informative..matanong ko lang po sana kung magkano po lahat nang nagastos niyo including na po yong airfare at show money or pocket money?

    • Hi, I don’t think there’s a certain amount. You just have to prove that you can afford the trip and your ties to your home country.

  9. Jul says:

    Hello Mika.. Thank you for your blog, very informative.. May tanong ako, do you have any idea about applying working permit or working visa in Ireland? Direct hiring ako, nasa Dublin ang employer ko. Can you please give some idea? Thank you so much, I’m looking forward to hear from you..
    God Bless..

    • Hi Jul, sorry but I don’t know much about applying for a work visa to Ireland. I have a feeling that it has other requirements compared to a tourist visa. Kindly contact the Irish Consulate directly nalang to be sure. Thanks!

  10. So i have an irish friend who’s willing to sponsor me? he will pay everything my plane ticket and stuff when i get there.ill have a place to stay too what should i do? what documents should i ready? and what are the instances visa would be denied please answer. i wanna be there on december

    • Hi, please visit the links I provided in this post for the visa requirements. As for the grounds for visa denial, I can’t answer that because only an Irish consul can decide that. But in general, you have to make sure you can prove your ties to your home country (as in you won’t illegally immigrate to Ireland, etc.). Good luck!

  11. hi Micca my sister was recently approved to visit ireland .Im a citizen here,I am just wondering if you know someone who apply a UK visa while the person is in Ireland.Just take the case of my sister, who was approved to visit me here in Ireland from Pinas but she wanted to go to London.Will it be possible for her to apply UK visa when she’s here in Ireland?thanks

    • Hi Zor, if there’s a UK Embassy in Ireland, she can apply for a UK visa there. But of course, the visa decision will always be up to a British consular officer.

  12. adam says:

    Hi Mika, my family is also travelling to Ireland. We want to ask if nag transit ka ba sa Amsterdam or Paris? If so, hinanapan ka ba ng visa sa two countries na yun. Thank you!

    • adam says:

      Additional question lang po, kinuha po ba yung passport nyo when you lodge your application to them. Ibig sabihin 8 weeks na mawawala samin yung passport namin? Salamat po ulit!

      • Hi Adam, hindi kukunin ng Consulate yung passport until ready na yung visa mo to be issued. As for going to other European countries (except the UK and Ireland), they require a different visa (Schengen), and that’ll be checked at the immigration.

        • adam says:

          Salamat ng marami Maam Mika, ibig sabihin po maam kahit mag stop over lang po sa amsterdam before going to ireland is kailangan pa din ng schengen visa?

          • Ah, transit ka. Actually, iba-iba kasi ang rules per country, so better ask the Dutch Embassy directly kung Amsterdam ang stopover mo. For example, sa US, ‘pag transit ka, kailangan parin ng visa kahit hindi lalabas sa airport. Sa Dubai naman, hindi na kailangan ng visa kung hindi lalabas sa aiport. So better ask the Embassy of the country na point of entry mo sa Europe para sure.

  13. Maria Aliman says:

    Hi Mika! Planning to go the UK and Ireland this December for holidays with my Irish bf. Do you think it’s okay to apply for a UK visa after submitting your application and waiting for result for Ireland visa since the consulate will not get your passport? Or is it better to apply for UK visa first then apply for Irish visa after? Thank you.

    • I can only answer from experience. I applied for a UK visa first. When I already had my UK visa, that’s when I applied for an Ireland visa. I suggest you plan your travel dates properly to make enough time for visa applications, etc.

  14. JiovanniJalolino says:

    Ilang araw ang allotted sayo before ka umalis ng Pilipinas papuntang Ireland? Kunwari last week natatakan na ako, kaya lang inaasikaso ko pa yung plane ticket, baka 3rd week ng November pa ako makaalis ng Pilipinas, pwede ba yun?

  15. Eleonor says:

    Hi mika, how many months before travel do they suggest to get a visa? Can i get it even at least 6 months before? Just in case you know . 🙂

  16. Gladys A Tamsing says:

    Hi Ms Mika. another things, it means, you will not give your passport to the office of the Consulate of Ireland when applying? Upon approval, that’s the time you will bring it back for the stamp? Am i correct?

  17. Desiree jane ogayre says:

    Hi po , kaka apply lang nmin ng hubby ko dito sa manila , and may tatak po tung passport namin, ano po kaya meaning nun? Nakalagay po yung VA#namin sa stamp sa passport.

  18. Rosario A. Gorumba says:

    Hi MIKA… i just preparing my papers for the application of Ireland Visa. I almost done but i have this problem arises. I already process my Authority to Travel since I am a government employee. My problem is i stated that my sister reside at Dublin but unfortunately she lives at the boundary near Dublin and her address is at Wicklow. Does is affect my visa application? How does it affect also once I am at the Boarder Control Immigration Officer? Please…. enlighten my mind, thanks.

    • Finbarr says:

      hi , i saw your question , ,,,,, Dublin and Wicklow are next to eachother , i could see no problem with that . Finbarr

  19. bien says:

    HI Mika, I was approved for employment visa to ireland. My visa validity is from Jan to April 2018…. But the thing is, my employer’s document would still not be ready for POEA processing until April 2018. Is it possible to extend my visa validity? I have emailed the Irish consulate in Manila but no reply…..

    • Hi, sorry but only the Consulate can answer that. Also, I haven’t tried applying for other visa types, only for tourism purposes.

  20. Hi,

    I already got my employment visa for Ireland. The validity of my visa is from Jan to April 2018, but my employer’s document would still not be ready for POEA processing by April 2018…. Is it possible to extend the validity of my visa?

  21. Marie says:

    Hi Mika, advice ba na mag medical test for tourist visa in Ireland if so, what hospital are accredited for medical test?

  22. Marie says:

    Hi imma, if I a have that letter of invitation from my Irish friend, still I need to write letter of intent or it’s enough to have that letter of invitation coming from him?. Thank you

  23. alfie manlapig says:

    Hello, paano kung wala ako work, pero may BF ako dun na tutulong saken, gay ako, madali kaya ako makakuha? salamat

  24. Nicko says:

    Do I still need to have my personal bank account though my friend will take full responsibility of all my finances? By the way I’m a government employee.

  25. Carolina Sabanal Fernandez - Juyo says:

    Hello Mika, regarding the finances how much should be in the bank? My daughter wanted to know… hope you can give idea. Her sponsor will pay everything…so as applicant she also need to show some money in the bank? which is best in applying for a visa? going to an Agency or by yourself apply online then submit with out the help of a travel agent. thank you and hope to hear from you soonest. Will you send a reply to my facebook account or on messenger also.

  26. Qui says:

    Hi Mika, can you give as a hint of how much will be the acceptable show money (in range)? Based from your experience maybe or gut feel. 🙂 thank you.

  27. januelle says:

    Mika, thank you so much for this very useful blog. Required ba iwanan yung passport? and nasa embassy lang ba yung passpport for 8weeks during the visa application period? kasi may trip to Japan ako, need ko passport in between the visa application dates. Japan trip is November, then I have a business trip in December, so need to apply ASAP.. thanks so much

  28. Giann abalos says:

    Wow this really helpful, I’m planning to apply irish visa this coming February 2019 .. I’m so happy to see this blog.

  29. Christian says:

    Thank you for sharing. Do you have any idea, though, how Pilipinos residing in South Korea can apply for an Irish visa?
    Thank you for your answer 🙂

  30. MG Sarosh says:

    hello. am hoping you can read this. I’m lodging my visa application personally in the consulate office in jupiter this monday feb 4 and i forgot to ask how to pay the visa fee. how did you pay po? please reply soonest if possible in my fb account @ mgsarosh. I will really appreciate your response. thank you in advance.

  31. Hello ask ko lang about sa visa application,tumatanggap ba sila sa consulate ng walk in without any appointment?thanks in advance sa mag advise.

  32. jayrita says:

    Hello ask ko lang kung pwede bang mag walk-in for visa application without any appointment?thanks in advance.

  33. Lita says:

    Hello po mam mika.magkano po ang kailangan na nasa bank account pag mag tour po sa Ireland? Saka pwede po ba mam na habang on tour ka sa Ireland ay pwedeng maghanap ng work doon? salamat po

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