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Entertainment.  Fashion.  News.  Travel.  Whatnot.  These are just some of the things you can stumble upon in the blogging world. 🙂

For me, my love for blogging started in my senior year in high school — but back then, all I did was sign up on different weblog servers, write a post or two, and that was it!  I wasn’t really able to keep track of those.  But fast forward to college, social networking was already at its peak, and Multiply became my blogging medium.  Most of my Multiply posts are a tad personal, so if you’re not my contact, you won’t be able to read them.  But just to give you a gist, they were mostly about the beauty of living the teenage life and the wonders of experiencing your first heartache (oh college!)  HA HA HA

Anyway, after college, my blogging stint leveled up because I finally got paid for doing it!  Of course it was short-lived (it was a one-year contract), but that experience is what I credit for truly sparking my interest in blogging. 😉

After that…  voila!  I suddenly discovered WordPress, and here we all are today! 😀  But if you’re going to browse through my blogging history (see right column), you’ll notice that this blog and I kind of had a love-hate relationship AT FIRST.  Again, emphasis on “AT FIRST.”  Heehee.  But thanks to Patty Laurel (she’s one of my favorite bloggers, but more on her later), my “relationship” with THIS BLOG and blogging in general just got better and better!  Having said that, I actually refer to 2011 as MY BLOGGING YEAR! ♥

In fact, I think blogging and I will have the BEST relationship ever!  Aside from writing my own blog, I’m now also drawn to reading other blogs — which is actually the whole point of this post!  Hahaha!  So I’ll stop rambling now and go straight to the point — LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I’d like to introduce to you the other bloggers who keep me company whenever I do one of my favorite hobbies: surfing the net! 😀

Of course each blog (and blogger) is unique, so feel free to find WHAT and WHO interest you:

Andi Eigenmann
The Good That Won’t Come Out
Chapter: Deux

I’ve already said it before, and I’ll say it again.  The girl’s not just a talented actress, but a skilled writer too!  I love her play with words and her honesty in her posts.   I love the way she writes!  Period.

Bianca Gonzales
The Diary of A Supergirl Wannabe!

She’s Bianca freakin’ Gonzales! 😉  She’s a celebrity, model, host, traveler, and of course, WRITER!  What more could you ask for?

Camille Co
Camille Tries to Blog

Camille Co is a fashion goddess!  I always find myself in awe whenever I STARE (yes “stare” and not just “look!”) at her fashion posts!  If I were to meet a genie, I’d wish to have Camille Co‘s closet!  Heehee.

And she replied:

Thank you, Camille! 🙂

Deo Baraan
Grandeur Traveler

Traveling’s what he does best!  And not just simple traveling or budget traveling, but GRAND TRAVELING!  This guy is a licensed medical doctor by day, and a traveler most of the time!  Sometimes I even wonder how he does it…  you know, be a doctor and a traveler?  Where does he get all. that. TIME?  Siya naaa! 😛

Jiggy Cruz
The Tangled Web

Jiggy Cruz is a self-proclaimed geek!  And yes, that’s a good thing, people!  If I may say, his blog is “geekiness” at its best.  And I swear, I really DON’T mean that in a bad way!!!

Maria Ressa
Brave New World
Thinking.  Running.  Feeling

Maria Ressa = GREAT JOURNALIST.  If you don’t know her and still need more convincing, I have only one question for you: SERIOUSLY?!

But anyway, heads up!  Her posts are all about serious stuff — REALLY, REALLY SERIOUS STUFF.  No “haha-s” or “LOLs” allowed. 😀

Patricia Prieto

Another fashion blogger!  I don’t exactly know how to describe her blog, but I guess I’ll go for cute AND sweet?  Hehe.

Oh, just be prepared to have that I-want-to-have-a-makeover thinking once you read her blog!

Patty Laurel
Come Waste Your Time with Me

Weee!  I can’t emphasize enough how I adore and thankful I am for Idol Patty!  Yes, I even call her “idol.”  Simply put, she’s the “Kate Middleton” in my blogging life!  Haha!  Idol Patty talks about anything and everything under the sun, but what I like best about her is her TRAVELS!  If you want to know what I’m saying, check this out!  Plus, drop by her blog EVERY TUESDAY for her “Travel Tuesday” posts.  Simply looove.

Saab Magalona
Spell Saab

Saab Magalona is a freelance blogger.  Her posts are entertaining, prizes/contests interesting, and just overall WORTH EMULATING!  ‘Nuff said. 😉


And then of course, there’s my BLOGROLL!!!  If you want MORE interesting “blog” reads, then I suggest you see my complete list on the right column of this blog.  The more, the merrier indeed!

I’d also suggest THIS BLOG OF MINE but then again, if you’re already reading this very post, then you’re already reading my blog!  Hahaha, redundant much!

Anyway, HAPPY READING!!! ♥


13 thoughts on “Bloggable Blogs

  1. Gian Ibañez says:

    Natawa ako ung kay Maria Ressa , no haha’s and LOLs . parang kumbento lang ung blog nya . pero serious kung serious nga dun noh. kailangan magaling ka sa current events haha. Of course no one can beat our Idol Patty hehehe. dahil sa entry mo na ito gusto ko na rin mag blog hahaha

  2. hi mika! found your site through andi’s blog. we’re both following patty and bianca, too. 😀

    the rest looks pretty interesting. i’ll go check them out as well. 🙂

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