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Hotties from Faraway Lands! (Vol. 2)

Back in 2008, I was already into blogging…  I just graduated from college…  I was young…  I was free…  and I had A TON of celebrity crushes!  So the obvious result?  A certified *EYE CANDY* list, which I dub as the “HOTTIES FROM FARAWAY LANDS” list!!! Yes!  ONLY on The Lady’s Blog, people. 😛

For my guy readers out there, well, you’re welcome to “back out” NOW because you know, this is a kalandian post — but the cute kind of kalandian ah!  Nakooow!  Basta, it’s a GIRL THING!  Hahaha!

As for my fellow “ladies” out there (girl power!), let’s proceed, shall we? 😉

As you can see on the title, this is already a “sequel.”  So yeah, expect mooore!  Heck, this “list” might even become a “series!” — MIGHT being the operative word!  Wahahahaha!  Anyway, you can check out Vol. 1 here and the Twilight Edition here (I knooow!  Don’t. even. ask.  It was three freakin’ years ago!)  MOVING ON…

I’m still deciding whether or not I can have “repeaters” in my future lists (you know, include those who have been featured in the previous ones), but we’ll see…  For now, I’ll start with those who made it to THIS list — the short list, that is!  So if your hottie’s not here, don’t worry!  I’m already working on Vol. 3!  Heehee.


#10 Matthew Lewis
(Faraway Land of Origin: The United Kingdom)

It’s amazing how a good set of teeth can instantly transform one person from “no one” to “someone!”  Thank God the perfect pearly whites are the original!  I say the reign of Harry Potter is sooo over…  kaya Neville LongbottomPASOK! 😛

#9 Darren Criss
(Faraway Land of Origin: The United States) 

He can sing.  He can dance.  He can act.  And he’s half-Filipino!  Need I say more?

#8 Max Irons
(Faraway Land of Origin: The United Kingdom) 

Well, if you can have someone like Max beside you all day long, then by all means…  let there be werewolves!!!  (If you didn’t get what I just said right there, then I guess you still haven’t watched Red Riding Hood starring Amanda Seyfried). 🙂

#7 Pierre Boulanger
(Faraway Land of Origin: France)  

Aha!  A consistent “name” in this blog of mine.  Ever since I’ve watched Monte Carlo, this French hottie never failed to make me say ooh la la everytime I get a chance to see him — online or on-screen, of course!

#6 Logan Lerman
(Faraway Land of Origin: The United States)  

Whether he’s a demigod or a musketeer, one thing’s for sure: Logan is ONE. FINE. LerMAN! 😉

#5 Shia Labeouf
(Faraway Land of Origin: The United States)  

I don’t care if he started as an awkward teenager in Even Stevens (but just so you know, I still found him cute even then!)  But what matters most is the “transformation” Transformers has given him!  So Optimus Prime and company, we owe you a lot!  Hahaha!

#4 Reed Jobs
(Faraway Land of Origin: The United States)  

I’m a little biased here!  Heehee.  Anyway, I’ve been head over heels for the “Prince of APPLE” for quite some time now that he actually deserves a separate blog entry altogether!  Having said that…  very well, one blog entry coming up! 😀

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this:

“When it comes to brains, this ‘apple’ clearly did not fall far from the tree!”

#3 Chris Evans
(Faraway Land of Origin: The United States)  

He’s Captain freakin’ America!!!  I don’t know about you, but this guy had me at the very start!  So let’s go, Cap!

#2 Zac Efron
(Faraway Land of Origin: The United States)  

When a guy can still manage to look H-O-T even with his clothes on, well, you can’t really argue with that anymore!  It’s a DONE DEAL, people!  Period.

…and of course, THE HOTTEST of ’em all:

 #1 Hugh Jackman
(Faraway Land of Origin: Australia)  

Let’s see…  He’s one heck of a great actor (he’s my most favorite, by the way!)  Oh, he can sing too — but when he’s not singing, you can hear his very sexy Australian accent.  Aside from that, he’s a very loving husband and father to his wife and children.  Add those awesome abs to this mix = and you get one Hugh Jackman!  One of a kind, indeed.

How about you?  Who are your hotties from faraway lands?
Sound off in the comments section below!


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